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In the heart of Verona, our team of dentists is dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation in the field of dentistry. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge dental care, utilizing modern technologies and methodologies supported by robust scientific research. We firmly believe that a healthy and radiant smile starts not only with the mouth but also with a holistic approach to health, considering each patient as a whole: body, mind, and spirit.

Offering modern dentistry for procedures and technologies in line with the scientific evidence from international literature. A keen eye on modern ecological principles and holistic approaches enables the team to practice a form of medicine that considers the individual in their bio-psycho-spiritual unity, tailoring the therapeutic plan for each patient uniquely.

To be a center of dental excellence where the quality of therapies is consistently accompanied by continuous updates in techniques, technologies, and materials.

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Dental implantology is an advanced procedure that allows the replacement of one or more missing or damaged teeth using artificial roots. These roots integrate securely into the jawbone, enabling the application of a completely new tooth or an entire dental arch. Prosthetic rehabilitations on implants [...]


Digital Systems in Dentistry

The use of digital systems in dentistry has completely revolutionized diagnoses, methods, and techniques. New devices have improved how we design and execute therapies and treatments for our patients in our clinic. Thanks to tools such as: Intraoral Scanners: To capture optical impressions directly from [...]


Aesthetic Dentistry

In modern dentistry, aesthetics play as crucial a role as functionality. Stained, chipped, or decayed teeth affect oral health and significantly impact confidence and self-esteem. At Studio Polizzi Luongo, advances in aesthetic dentistry allow for the rapid and effective restoration of a natural, beautiful smile. [...]



Periodontology is a dental specialty focused on preventing, diagnosing, and treating periodontal diseases, which affect the supporting structures of the teeth. It is crucial for maintaining not only a beautiful smile but also a healthy one. What are Periodontal Diseases? Periodontal diseases begin as [...]

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Dental Studio Polizzi Luongo

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