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Studio Polizzi Luongo
Saturday, April 6
Dedicated to Dental Aesthetics

The Initiative

One of the strengths of the studio lies in aesthetic rehabilitations. Contrary to what one might think, it is now possible to reconstruct an aesthetically and functionally perfect smile without undergoing painful therapies and at affordable costs.

To inform everyone about this particular specialization, we have established a day entirely dedicated to these methods.


The appointment is on Saturday, April 6, at Via Pietro Gobetti 9, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Reservation is essential (tel. 0458101700;

Saturday, April 6

Interested parties will be welcomed by the Polizzi Luongo studio team at the Verona location, offering them a completely new experience of a modern dental visit for free, with the help of intraoral scanners, facial scanners, and dedicated software that will allow for precise diagnosis and the proposal of various possible treatment plans.

The Expert

Dr. Mario Imburgia is an internationally renowned expert in dental aesthetics and has long been one of the studio’s leading collaborators.

The Method

Dr. Mario Imburgia has developed a unique and original method for performing aesthetic rehabilitations with veneers. The technique he has developed is based on even thinner veneers compared to traditional methods, eliminating the invasiveness of this procedure: “The technique has reached a 99.9% long-term success rate, so the patient can be assured of obtaining not only an excellent smile but also the certainty that it will last for years to come,” explains Dr. Imburgia. “Rehabilitation with veneers spans between art and science, but we must not forget that it is a medical therapy, and we can boast of having published some of the most significant scientific articles on this topic with the highest success rates ever reported before.”

The Opportunity

Veneers represent a great opportunity to solve more than one problem.

These are thin ceramic laminates (up to 0.2 millimeters) that, once applied to the teeth, allow substantial changes in color or shape through a non-invasive and completely reversible technique.

Dental veneers are used on healthy teeth with aesthetic problems: malformed teeth or where there is a need to transform the shape; fillings with color defects; fractured teeth; diastemas (spaces between teeth), where slightly larger veneers are applied to fill these spaces; teeth with enamel defects; discolored teeth with permanent stains (if whitening treatment has been ineffective); teeth with position anomalies; teeth that have lost enamel due to abrasion or chemical erosion.

Polizzi Luongo studio is an advanced dental center with a multidisciplinary management of cases. Therefore, it is possible to simultaneously address aesthetic, periodontal, conservative, prosthetic, orthodontic, or implant issues that may be present.

The Many Advantages of Dental Veneers

The Interview

Thanks to the use of veneers, multiple aesthetic problems of the smile can be resolved. We discuss this with Dr. Mario Imburgia.

How long does a veneer last?

“Long-term success is the result of the combination of three fundamental factors: the technique used (at Studio Polizzi Luongo, we use the minimally invasive technique that has received the highest recognition from the scientific community in terms of success); the accuracy in executing the protocol and the use of top-quality materials; and the patient’s care, as it is necessary to undergo periodic check-ups just as recommended for natural teeth.”

Do veneers need to be replaced after 10 years?

“After this period, a small refresh or redo of some units may be necessary, but only if needed. In this case, the intervention is minimal and very quick. Thanks to digital technology, we retain the file, i.e., the digital shape of the originally made veneers, and with great simplicity, we can reproduce them for any small re-works.”

Will I like my new smile?

“In addition to a targeted questionnaire to understand the main needs, the patient can temporarily wear the new smile during an aesthetic trial session or choose the best-fitting smile together with the trusted professional, thanks to the use of advanced artificial intelligence programs that provide matching suggestions based on the most pleasing aesthetic standards.”

What is the main advantage of applying dental veneers?

“Finally having a bright and pleasant smile using a minimally invasive procedure. But the veneer, besides improving the tooth aesthetically, often also improves its function, and in many cases, it manages to reinforce the tooth by restoring that layer of enamel that is thinned or completely lost due to wear and erosion. Additionally, if necessary, teeth can be easily aligned without resorting to orthodontic movements in some cases.”

Is it possible to apply veneers on crooked teeth?

“Yes, as it is possible to finalize an orthodontic movement with veneers: the application of veneers allows correcting small misalignments often annoying for the patient, giving a more harmonious appearance and more efficient function.”

What happens if a tooth gets a cavity?

“The veneer is resistant to plaque acids, so it is impossible for a cavity to form where the veneer is present. However, the non-visible back part of the tooth remains exposed and can therefore be subject to a cavity. Don’t worry, the tooth will be treated just like a healthy tooth, without compromising the achieved result.”