Dentistry and aesthetic medicine are two complementary disciplines that can be integrated to achieve remarkable results for the smile and the overall appearance of the face. In many situations, the combination of dental treatments and aesthetic medicine can lead to more complete and satisfying outcomes.

When it comes to improving the smile, it’s not just about the teeth, but also about the shape and harmony of the entire face. Dental treatments such as teeth alignment, dental implants, or veneers can significantly enhance the appearance of teeth, but they can sometimes be complemented with aesthetic medicine treatments to optimize the results.

For example, the shape of the face and lips can be influenced by the position of the teeth and their proportion to the face. In such cases, aesthetic medicine treatments like dermal filler injections or botulinum toxin can be used to improve the harmony of the face and smile.

Moreover, the health and appearance of the skin around the mouth can affect the aesthetics of the smile. Treatments like skin rejuvenation, wrinkle filling, or improving skin texture can be combined with dental treatments for a more complete and natural result.

This is why it is important for dental and aesthetic medicine professionals to collaborate to assess the patient’s needs and expectations and develop a personalized treatment plan. Together, they can offer comprehensive and personalized solutions that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the smile and face.

This is what happens at Studio Polizzi Luongo, thanks to the collaboration of aesthetic medicine specialists who work alongside dentists, dedicated to continuous improvement to achieve excellent results.

Among the aesthetic medicine treatments that can be performed alongside dental rehabilitation, we can identify:

  1. Lip Filling with Fillers: For a complete and harmonious smile, consider lip filling with fillers to improve volume and shape.
  2. Botox Injections to Reduce Wrinkles: Reduce wrinkles around the mouth and eyes with Botox injections, complementing your new smile achieved through dental rehabilitation.
  3. Skin Rejuvenation with Laser Treatments or Chemical Peels: Achieve radiant and youthful skin around the mouth with skin rejuvenation treatments, perfect for accompanying your renewed smile.
  4. Filling Nasolabial Folds: Reduce nasolabial folds with fillers for a more balanced facial appearance after dental rehabilitation.
  5. Cheek Filling with Fillers: Restore cheek volume with fillers for a more youthful and defined facial appearance.
  6. Non-Invasive Lifting Treatments: Improve skin firmness with non-invasive lifting treatments, complementing your new smile with a fresher and younger facial appearance.
  7. Chin Reshaping with Fillers: For a more harmonious facial profile, consider chin reshaping with fillers to improve its shape and projection.

These aesthetic medicine treatments can be combined with dental rehabilitation to achieve an overall better and more attractive appearance.

If you are interested in discovering how dentistry and aesthetic medicine can work together to enhance your smile and self-confidence, contact us today for a consultation. The team of specialists at Studio Polizzi Luongo is at your disposal.

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